I’ll Be There

Out by the creaking garden gate,
A Jacob’s Coat climbs and grows,
On either side it decorates,
With blossoms of multi-color rose.

Each year its heady perfume,
Dust the cool air of Spring nights,
With such delicate fragrance,
The Fireflies dance from pure delight.

Above the trees the full moon rises,
Gently awakening sleepy heads,
Of all the forest creatures,
Dozing in their leafy beds.

I gaze out on the garden,
To marvel with surprise,
Am I awake or is it a dream,
Displayed before my eyes?

Nature is filled with joy,
The garden lawn a Grecian stage,
The Bearded Iris rises up
And courts the Red Lip Sage.

Azaleas of every color,
Sway ‘neath the old Poplar tree,
Anxious for the dawn of day,
To feed nectar to the honey bee.

Plum tree blossoms fall about,
A cover of red confetti on the ground,
While the pond lily pads are occupied,
With frogs croaking a raucous sound.

Dahlias parade in perfect rows,
High heeled dancers in perfect form,
Nodding petal feathered brows,
Their slender leaves hooked arm-in-arm.

A possum smiles approvingly,
From a cedar by the split rail fence.
As a raccoon stops to freshen its breath,
With a nip of a Broad Leaf Mint.

To be allowed this mystical glimpse,
Of the wonderful life of this earth,
Is to be given an unceasing present
So immense one cannot estimate its worth.

A peace washed over my person,
A cleansing from heart to skin.
I knew that I had seen eternity,
And, that I would be born again.

Each of us will one day return,
To that place from which we came.
No, it is not from our mothers arms,
Or the father that gave us a name.

We are born to this cloud scudded globe,
To its flesh we each belong,
From the dust of creation we were made,
We return at the finish of our life song.

When I have passed this moment in time,
And my spirit has left empty this room,
You have but to wait till the Spring,
I’ll be there in the Jacob’s Coat bloom.

Copyright: 2008, Donald Harbour

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