An Act of Creation

Eternity folded in upon itself,
A rolling convulsive devouring,
Of all that had ever been,
Was, or ever would be.
Light and time ceased to exist.
The cosmos collapsed
Into the void of nothingness.

There was no God,
No matter,
Not even the essence
Of the smallest particle.
There was no history,
There was no recording of the event,
For there was nothing to observe,
Nor an observer to observe.
All that had been created,
The very concept of creation
Disappeared into oblivion.

Then eternity folding in upon itself
Caused oblivion to cease.
As if a giant snake had opened its great maw,
Swallowed its tail and disappeared into itself.
Ouroborus complete.
Infinity was gone in a moment
So brief,
If there was the possibility
Of measuring the occurrence,
It could not be done.

In the chaos
As eternity winked out of existence,
There was left one thing.
There was left the Beginning.
And the Beginning was the one.
The one was complete,
A pure singularity,
So simple,
So perfect.
The one was all that was necessary
For the Creation
As it had been for untold,
And unknown eternities, oblivions, and nothingness.
The one existed in a primal void.
It was not matter,
It had no intelligence,
There was no purpose to it.
It was not created from eternity,
A before,
An after,
Or a present.
The one simply was as it always had been,
Before there was an eternity,
As it always would be,
For whatever eternity might exist.
The one had no dimensions.
It consisted of no volume
Yet the singularity contained all needed,
For a Beginning.

If there had been the existence of time,
The one floated upon nothingness
For a period that could not have been measured.
Its continuum became the denominator,
Of the Beginning,
And the one expanded into the void,
Creating a new eternity.
The cycle of existence
Came from the Beginning.
Out of the seed of the void
Eternity formed from the one.
At that precise instance
A spiraling vortex of energy formed existence,
A mathematical probability that was a formula
And the formula was the Beginning.
A new Creation!

I awoke to the dawn of today,
Refreshed – at peace.

Copyright: 2008 Donald Harbour

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