Toots Thieleman, a great music composer, guitarists, harmonica man and whistler, wrote and recorded “Bluesette” in 1961. I am listening to the song as I write these words. Music has a way of pulling up memories that bubble just under our consciousness. So it is with Bluesette. A tribute to you Toots.

For your pleasure “Bluesette” – The John Stein Trio

Here we are,
Once again,
My constant friend.
Companion of the past,
Unchanged by the march,
Of time.
You called my name,
Was it a whisper of despair?
I floundering fool that I be,
Struggled to the dance floor.
Puppet to the strings,
Of memories.
Twirling to the dirge,
You hold the baton,
And direct the Bluesette.
Out of breath,
Heart pounding,
The melody has ended.
We wait apart,
As strangers on life’s stage.
Neither daring to break,
The silence of this empty hall.
Each afraid to ask,
What must be said.
The program is without end.
So we wait through another,
Once again.

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