Song of the Universe

I have seen the Spiral Nebula,
Counted stars in the Cateye Galaxy.
Watched the birth of a new world,
And marvelled at what is to be.
In my heart I hear the song,
The univese reverberates and sings,
A song that binds the cosmos,
Making kin of all living things.
The creatures I have known,
Each possesses a sacred soul.
Everyone of them speaks the same,
We are each a part of the whole.
Though you may not know it,
You may not believe it is true.
Your burdens shall all be lifted,
When you come to know this too.
Take time to look up at the heavens,
Drink it in some dark moonless night,
The beauty of it all is there to hear,
The song’s cadence of twinkling starlight.

1 thought on “Song of the Universe

  1. …this is so beautifully spun !!!
    There is a lot that the mother nature points at..
    ..and we rarely get the time to respond to these vibrations..
    Donald, this piece of poetry is one of the bests I came across so far..


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